There are a number of ways that a constellation can bring benefit to your situation. Below are a couple of ways that doing a constellation can help:

  • Create a sense of space and distance from the relationships, patterns and dynamics that are a part of your life that you are often too close to actually see. This gives you a renewed sense of control and choice.
  • Provide insights or closure on relationships or habits that may be having a continued negative impact on your life.
  • Develop a sense of peace and acceptance with situations that are outside of your control, but seem to affect you nevertheless.

Edward was tuned in to the feelings of the people who were working and their stories,  it felt as if he himself was part of the story or the family that was dealt with, and, at the same time, this didn’t effect his superb way of leading and facilitating the process with a soft but precise touch. – Eli Ofur, December 2018

There are three ways you can engage and find reward from doing a constellation:

  1. As an Issue Holder – you bring an issue that you want to work on and would like support to find new insights for. Please contact me directly first to book your place:
  2. As a Representative – while not working explicitly on your own issue, you represent parts of someone else’s constellation and get reward from both serving the issue holder, and relating it privately to your own life.
  3. Finally, as an Observer – someone who neither represents nor has an issue, but is bearing witness and supporting someone else’s process. Great if you are curious but unsure about the process!

The role of representative was as deep as the one of issue bringer and I had no idea how powerful the whole process was – totally mind blowing and worth 10 years of therapy! Emma Jackman, December 2018

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