Project Type: <span>Leadership</span>

Speaking Out: Strategies for Inclusion

Aim: A session designed to inspire senior leaders to continue to promote diversity and inclusion – in their teams, in the company and with their customers.

Brief Overview: Diversity – it’s more than how people look.  For example, I can talk about how good diversity is and someone else can easily say they are tired of it.  I can say, “We need to talk,” and the other can say “Just leave me alone!” So, what is diversity? It includes physical characteristics and identities, but also ways of thinking, personal experience, different opinions – even approaches to working with diversity!

This session addresses the challenge of making sure that our own unconscious needs for safety aren’t causing us to override other peoples’ contribution. In short, it inspires a curiosity and willingness to have dialogue with different views instead of dismissing and marginalising them. This applies as much to internal teams as it does to customers and the session can be tailored to focus on the needs of the client or group.

How: The learning is multi-dimensional: it occurs in theory, practice, discussion, reflection, application and observation.  Throughout the session, the facilitator models a way of practising inclusion that both demonstrates good practice and welcomes challenge and difference.

In order to achieve this, the session will include some theory on diversity and inclusion as well as the challenge of unconscious bias. The bulk of the session includes many practical exercises that are aimed specifically at raising awareness, promoting dialogue and getting people outside their comfort zone. This allows them to see and welcome different points of view and time to practice the tools that help them welcome diversity – whether that be in background, thinking style, identity or opinion. Participants will be able to apply this experience when they return to their work, family, friends and colleagues.

Coaching for Leaders

Aim: To help leaders retain, grow and improve their talent while increasing revenue

The business had changed its review, ratings and reward systems to encourage a more collaborative approach to manager and employee relationships. This required looking at mindset and behavioural change of the leadership team globally involving both training and follow-up one to one coaching.

Key Activities:

  • Consulting and designing a two-day programme that aligned with the global initiative to change review and reward systems
  • Delivering a two-day training programme in various global locations
  • One-to-one coaching and feedback to each of the participants as part of the embedding process

Driving Global Consistency in Customer Services

Aim: To create global consistency across the brand and improve customer service standards within each of the regions to drive satisfaction and retention.

Facilitated global customer service leaders to create a set of global customer standards and roll them out in order to drive consistency of behaviour and delivery. This global manufacturer had the challenge of meeting multi-national service requirements within a very diverse marketplace across all continents and many cultures.

Key Activities:

  • Facilitated 2-day offsite alignment and key drivers session
  • Consulted with global heads to create and finalise global standards
  • Collaborated with HR & L&D to create a roll-out programme which included:
    • creating a competency framework and assessment tool
    • work-based assignments
    • facilitating peer coaching
    • class-based learning and on-the-job exercises
  • Follow-up consulting to calibrate progress and global alignment and make changes to meet cultural and continuous improvement needs

Creating Alignment through Change

Aim: To align and integrate a global data services leadership framework and set direction post-merger.

Engaged with senior leaders during their merger to identify and implement critical actions for success in their financial services and data management business.

Key Activities:

  • Preliminary needs analysis with key stakeholders including leaders, staff, HR and L&D
  • Engaged leaders with diagnostic surveys, webinars and pre-calls
  • Facilitated 2-day leadership coaching sessions on strategy development for 80+ leaders across a number of global locations
  • Delivered one-to-one coaching for leaders as follow-up to sustain positive change
  • Created podcast/v-blogs to drive sustainability and engagement

Transforming Sales Leadership

Aim: To implement and embed new sales methodology for a global financial services firm.

Designed and delivered two years of training to leadership, sales and support functions to achieve sales transformation for a financial services organisation.

Key Activities:

  • Engaged leaders, L&D and HR in organisational and personal development needs
  • Created & delivered year-long skills development programme
  • Identified and trained champions in sales coaching skills
  • Designed and delivered department wide sales conference
  • Ran offsite strategy planning sessions for approx. 50 leaders
  • Delivered 4-day offsite sales training to 100+ sales people
  • Leadership & strategy training during a period of significant organisational change

Advancing in Leadership – One-year senior leadership programme

Aim: To increase engagement and representation of women in senior roles across a global bank.

Consulted, designed and facilitated bi-monthly sessions with a number of cohorts of aspiring female leaders. This focused on recognising strengths and aligning these to organisational strategy and change initiatives. The programme incorporated senior sponsorship and involved individual mentors and MD facilitators throughout the year.

Key Activities:

  • Consulted with the business to co-create a year-long programme aimed at increasing both leadership identities and opportunities for female talent
  • Created and facilitated 6 sessions throughout the year focusing on personal brand & awareness; network building; speaking up; navigating the matrix and career planning
  • One-to-one coaching for several of the participants to explore challenges, personal growth and opportunities