Project Type: Coaching

Coaching for Leaders

Aim: To help leaders retain, grow and improve their talent while increasing revenue

The business had changed its review, ratings and reward systems to encourage a more collaborative approach to manager and employee relationships. This required looking at mindset and behavioural change of the leadership team globally involving both training and follow-up one to one coaching.

Key Activities:

  • Consulting and designing a two-day programme that aligned with the global initiative to change review and reward systems
  • Delivering a two-day training programme in various global locations
  • One-to-one coaching and feedback to each of the participants as part of the embedding process

Creating Dynamic Presentations

Working with individuals and teams in all sectors on both internal and external presentations. Coaching can be done at an individual level or with teams to test and work with people’s performances and stretch them to their leading edge.

  • Employ acting and theatre exercises to increase confidence and manage nerves
  • Identify personal strengths and stories to develop both presence and authenticity
  • Provide structure to increase clarity and shorten preparation time

Gain personal and tailored feedback that inspires change for you and your teams. Are you ready to face the crowd?