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2021 Update: Now over 80 partners!

Read the latest press releasefrom the Ellen MacArthur Foundation here. Really proud that this is growing from strength to strength.

The world of fashion has come under fire for its waste and enormous carbon footprint. In response to that, the Ellen MacArthur Foundation has spear-headed a response with leading global brands to change this.

Working with some of the worlds leading brands, manufacturers and waste collectors, the foundation worked collaboratively to establish the first circular denim jean. This was no small feat as some of the brands involved are often competing on both the high street and online for the attention and wallets of millions of customers. Through some dedication to a make a difference, these businesses put aside some of their differences to co-operate on this trend changing initiative.

To help with that, we worked closer with the team as well as the stakehodlers to find common ground and agree to some industry standards for circular fashion. We a managed to bring the diverse and disparate group together over two days in London and help establish that agreement.

By making sure the concerns were heard and people were able to see the positive in each other’s contribution (as well as have a little fun!) the group got a lot further than anyone expected. For more, visit the Jeans Redesign Website