Essentially, facilitation makes things easier. You or your organisation may seek a facilitator when you have:
  • Experienced recent changes to structures and your team or organisation needs to find new ways of working together productively.
  • Identified prospective new developments and wish to make the most of the options, variety of experience, and views held by staff and any other interested groups.
  • A need to work more creatively and effectively within your team and with other organisations, stakeholders or clients.
  • Different or conflicting interests within an organisation that need to be explored effectively to ensure they are creative rather than destructive.
Facilitation can also be used in place of mediation when there are more than two parties to a dispute.
Ed, you are, and I am sure will remain, one of the outstanding facilitators I have ever worked with. Your sensitivity, intuitiveness and knowledge/skills are completely AWESOME!
– Glyn, University HR Manager
Unresolved tensions in organisations not only make it unpleasant for staff to come to work, they cost money both in sales as well as loss of input.

Moreover, processing these tensions can lead to insights that your organisation can use to:

  • Create new opportunities for development
  • Recuperate and inspire after setbacks or losses
  • Improve work-place relationships
  • And, finally, capitalise on financially.
 These topics are particulrly prevalent during:
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Rapid growth or slow down
  • High staff churn
  • New product development
  • Culture change initiatives
Other topics
More broadly, I have worked with a number of groups ranging from four to forty attendees in a number of settings, from workplaces to community centres, covering the following themes:
  • Racism
  • Bullying
  • Migration
  • Inter-faith discussions
  • Climate Change
  • Gender
  • Sexuality
  • Housing
  • Cultural Differences
  • Policy Implementation
  • Generation gaps
  • Use of Public Space

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